What is IP Address? How can i Check IP address?
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IP ADDRESS is like your contact address. If people write you a letter. So an address is required to post them. Similarly, in the computer world, the IP address is the address through which we are able to exchange information on the internet. It is also very important in terms of online security. So let’s first know, what does an IP address mean? Then we will talk about the remaining aspects of it.

What is IP Address?

The full name of the IP address is Internet Protocol Address. When we use the Internet in computers, mobiles, tablets, etc., all these devices have a separate Identifying Number (ID), which is called IP Address. Each device has a different IP address. In simple language, Internet Protocol Address is a protocol with the help of which data is sent from one device to another on the Internet.

All devices connected to the Internet (mobile, computer, printer, tablet) all have a unique unique address. If we search anything on the Internet, we have many result shows which come with the help of Router, Router sends the result to us only with the help of IP address. If our device does not have an IP address, then we cannot communicate with other devices on the Internet.

How can i Check IP address?

Step 1: First of all click on your computer’s Start Menu, and select Run or press Window + R.

Step 2: Now a dialog box will open in front of you, type ‘cmd’ in that box and click on the “Ok” button.

Step 3: Now a box will open in front of you, type “IPconfig” in that box, now your IP address will come in front of you.

Did not you see how easy it was to find out the IP address, if seen, this process is a bit difficult to understand and a little difficult to do, but we have another easy way to know your IP address but for that you have Must have internet connection.

If you have an internet connection, open Google Search directly and type in “What Is My IP Address”
Google will tell you your IP address in a few seconds, this process is the simplest and easiest, but you have to have an internet connection to know the IP address through this process.

Now you have come to know your IP address, now if you want, you can also tell this process to your friends so that they too will know their IP address.

There are two types of IP Addresses:

IPV4 Address:

In this type of IP address, four numbers are used. They are separated by 3 digits and dots in each number. as an example.

The digits of all four numbers are between zero to 255. This is a 32 bit number. This protocol was first used in digital devices and is still used today.

But now another internet protocol has arrived. He is iPV6. Which works at 128 bit. We will discuss about that further. Right now we talk only on IPV4 address.

Using the Internet Protocol address, you send your data from one place to another via the World Wide Web through your digital device.

IPV6 Address:

The IPv6 address (ipv6 address) consists of 8 groups. Each group is divided by a semi colon of 4 hexadecimal digits. As an example

2456: 0: ad3: 0: 3214: 0: 7: 5

Reason For Using ipv6 Address

The reason for the introduction of this type of Internet Protocol address is the lack of an ipv4 address. Because digital devices were less in the era when it was started. But as time progressed digital devices and computers became common and their number has reached billions of trillions.

Due to which the ipv4 address started to look low. And keeping this in view, the IPV6 address was introduced. It was founded in the mid-1990s. But even today many digital devices are using this IPv4 address only. And its use will also continue. Until it ends completely. And IPV6 address will be used in future.

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