How to Earn Money From Instagram? How Increase Instagram Follower?
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Now let’s talk about work, so you can only post Text, Image, Videos on Instagram, and for this, Instagram will not pay you even a penny.

So finally we will get money from where you are thinking, you friends, to earn money from Instagram, I have researched all the methods, I will tell you all those methods.

Below I am telling you some things step by step, if you do the same then you will really earn Instagram se paise.

How Increase Instagram Follower

Friends, if you have just come on Insta soon, then you should enlarge your Instagram account now, meaning to increase your followers.

Step – 1 Contact Brand For Product Promotion

If you have a good number of followers on Insta, then you can contact Direct brand companies. Friends, which is a big company, is often looking for people who have a lot of followers on their social networks.

On being more follower, the company tells us to promote its product, and also gives us money for it.

If you have more followers on your Instagram account, you can contact Direct companies via email. And save it by writing the email id in your profile as well. So that when a company sees your account, you can contact them.

Step – 2 Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Friends, in today’s era, many domestic and foreign companies in India run Affiliate Program to enhance their brand. Like – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal.
These companies sell online products, you can earn money by sharing their links on your Instagram account. Whenever someone clicks on the shared link and makes a purchase, you will get a commission of 10 – 15% of that product.

Step – 3 Earn Money by Instagram Account – Earn money from Instagram account.

Maybe you do not know, if you have more followers in your Insta account, then by selling your Insta account
Perhaps you do not want to sell your account, but if you do not use Instagram, or you do not like it, then you can earn money by selling it.

You should set your price according to your followers, which will be intrested in your account, it will pay you money instead of your account. You have many websites like Fameswap which sell and buy Social Account.

Step – 4 Sell Your Images by Instagram

You all will know that the number of users on Instagram is increasing day by day, if you maintenece your account well then you can easily increase followers and Likes.

Now if you have intrest in photography then you can earn money by promoting your photo on Instagram.

How to Make Money With Instagram

1. Promote Other Instagram Account

Everyone on Instagram wants to be Famous, what can you do. You can take money from other Instagram accounts by promoting them.

While this is not a recurring earning model, you can charge a promotion from 10 to $ 20.

But, the condition is also the same, that you should have a Famous Instagram account.

2. Create Sponsor Post

You can create a Sponsered post in your Instagram account. In which you will be promoting a brand with your picture.
You will get 10 to $ 20 comfortably for this brand picture.

IFluenez is the best platform for finding Instagram Influencer to sponsors. You can connect with sponsors by simply creating an account here.

3. Sell Your Photos

If you upload very professional photos on Instagram. So, you can earn money by uploading the photo in image stocks.

Basically, I don’t have that much idea right now. However, you can get per download from $ 0.3 to $ 1. They are uploading images above that image stock.
I would suggest you to upload your photo above 10 to 12 images stocks. So that you can sell your photos as much as possible. You can sell your Instagram photos above

4. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing technique, with the help of which Seller sells his product to the buyer through a third person. On selling the product, the third-party company gets some Percent (%) commission from the price of the product.

You have to sell affiliate products with the help of an affiliate link or coupon. for information check out post given below.



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